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The electoral college results are dead-even, and David's cock is in my mouth.
He just nodded and I lightly grasped his large balls in one hand, tugging downward and circling the top of his bag with my thumb and forefinger.
Twin golden globes hung heavily between his legs, the ball sack stretched downward by the weight of the nuts.
My Master also determines my appearance, as befits a slave.
The aroused jock wrapped his fingers around his uncut 8-inch cock shaft.
John reached for Ian's cock... Their breath was beginning to come in gasps as each manipulated the others cock.
John looked and found a cornucopia of the sex toy trade... different shapes, colors and sizes, he also found numerous cock rings and butt plugs.
John was helplessly dragged forward and bent toward Ian's erect penis. He felt the iron grip of the thug leader pushing him towards Ian's cock...
My underwear clung tightly to my sweat-soaked cock and balls, and an almost lewd bulge showed in the crotch of my torn ripped jeans.
Kyle would swipe Rick's damp cotton mesh briefs from the laundry hamper... He would think about his cute brother's smooth rippled naked body...

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Fuzzy Lines

by Barringer

They say there’s often a ‘fuzzy line’ between being straight and being gay.