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A horny student looks to his teacher for help.
In the words of a horny soldier, based on his own life's events.
Ahhh... to be young, care-free, and horny!!
Don’t look at the mantelpiece when you’re stoking the fire. Nor when you’re dunkin' your tongue around a straight boy's super tight rim...
There are different ways of eating bananas. Ondra ‘undresses’ his banana.
Part 1 of an orgasmic drama.
It was equal from the first time he sucked my hard cock and fondled my balls...
I saw that my ‘savage and deformed slave’ had transformed himself into a tall Greek Adonis.
Isn’t that the best mouth-fuck you’ve ever had in your life you mother fucker.
A true story told by Joncy! He was only eighteen and nothing quite like this had ever happened to him. Being seduced by a beautiful young actor while he was playing a part in a play.

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Fuzzy Lines

by Barringer

They say there’s often a ‘fuzzy line’ between being straight and being gay.